• No one says it quite like my JT

    Date: 2010.05.13 | Category: parenting | Tags:


    I’ve been collecting JTisms over the past few days for his baby book.  I thought you might enjoy them too…

    • blackberries are “black blueberries” and raspberries are “rasp blueberries”
    • the paper version of Goodnight Moon is “big moon” the board book version is “other moon”
    • while waiting for anything electronic JT says “loading” (too many youtube videos on daddy’s phone!)
    • while singing You Are My Sunshine “no no no no dear” instead of you’ll never know dear
    • “mommy has a belly button, daddy has a belly button, Kate has a belly button, JT has a belly button… everybody has a belly button!”
    • “noooooo” said in a cute voice when he does something silly
    • “yep”
    • “mama get it please, okay!”
    • “BIG truck” “BIG school bus” “race car”-  sums up any vehicle he sees
    • “ong?”= will you sing me a song before bed?
    • “Kate crying” he pretty much says this every time he hears Kate crying
    • “bite?” when he sees Kate nursing- I think he’s concerned that she’s hurting me
    • in the morning- “go CBS?  go MOPS!  go doctor!  go church?”
    • “daddy work”
    • “big pictures” = our wedding album, “big pictures baby JT” = the photo book of JT’s first year
    • “go basement, watch Cars” said multiple times a day since Chris took JT to the basement to watch the movie- which only lasted 3 minutes in actuality, but which has been talked about enthusiastically for weeks since



    Ok- brag session’s over