• I’m back! And I’m so thankful for my friends-

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    Whew- when my laptop died I couldn’t figure out how to log in to my own blog from our other computer.  Sorry it took me a week to sit down and work through it!  Anyway, now I’ve got myself set up on the other computer and the only thing holding me back is that I dread slogging myself downstairs to the basement.  I sure hope we win the lottery soon so we can get me a fancy new computer for my desk upstairs!  While I was messing with my settings I also made it easier for my readers to leave comments.  So comment away folks!

    Now to my actual post…

    This past weekend Kate and I flew out to California for a wedding.  We had some much needed girl time (shout out to Heidi!) and I actually caught up on my sleep!   (I just reread what I’ve written so far and counted 6 exclamation points.  I really need to work on that.  Ugh- I had to resist putting one more in right there- and now I want to put one here too!)  The thing I can’t get over though is that I’m old.  I know I’m only 35, but shouldn’t I be 20?  All weekend I kept reflecting on how much life we’ve lived in the past 15 years.  It seems like only yesterday I was a guest at the first weddings for my group of friends.  In 15 years we’ve shared it all- birthdays, break ups, weddings, struggles, new babies, deaths, celebrations, etc.  Friends have moved away and some have even come back again.  Even I got married and moved to Colorado and had 2 babies.  I just keep wondering how it can be that so much life has happened to us.

    I am fortunate to have such good friends.  When I decided to live my life for Christ I fell in with the college group at my church.  The Sunday Night Live (SNL for you insiders!) gang embraced me and challenged me when I was new to my faith.  This group of people befriended me and showed me what it means to live abundantly and joyfully.  At a time in my life when I needed positive role models and fellowship with believers these friends took me in.  For 12 years these are the friends who I walked side by side with through life.

    After nearly 3 years here in Colorado I’m finally seeing glimmers of deep friendship.  These things take time.  My new friends are great and fun and I love hanging out with them- but it’s a process to really get to know someone and build up history with them.  Our Young Families group at church is where I feel most at home- we’ve been meeting for almost 2 years and we’re just getting to that place where we know and trust each other intimately.  And it’s a good thing, because the past few weeks have been really really hard.  Dear friends gave birth to a much cherished (and much unexpected) baby boy 2 weeks ago.  At first everything seemed fine- he looks perfect.  And then the doctors started noticing problems- he isn’t sucking, he has shaking in his limbs, he failed his hearing test, his pulse is weak in his legs.  An ultrasound revealed a heart defect that required immediate surgery and transfer to another hospital.  An MRI of his brain revealed abnormal development.  This precious little boy and his parents have some serious challenges ahead.  Other dear friends are facing accusations of an ugly nature.  The husband’s career, their prospects to adopt more children, fellowship with their church home, life as they know it are all at risk.  It seems that Satan has noticed out little group and doesn’t want us to succeed.  That he wants to snatch these friends out of our hands.

    I love these friends.  To me, this feels like a challenge.  It’s time to step up.  To show them that I love them and am willing to BE THERE.  To tell Satan that he can’t have them.  It’s time to take these relationships to the next level.  To get past the stage where we are comfortable laughing together and to start crying together too.  To walk this path with them so they don’t have to walk it alone.

    Where will we all be in 15 years?  Only God knows what our future holds.  What I do know is that He is telling me that it’s time to be a real friend.  The kind who is willing to walk through the valley hand in hand with a friend in need.

    “A despairing man should have the devotion of his friends” Job 6:14a