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    Date: 2010.07.23 | Category: saving money | Tags: ,,

    In yesterday’s post I forgot to mention a few other sites I like-




    All three of these companies offer local deals, so you’ll have to see if they’re available in your area.  I’ve purchased several $25 gift certificates through restaurant.com for $2 each- not a bad deal!  I’ve also used their site to purchase gift certificates for others- an easy way to send a meal to someone after they’ve had a baby!  Groupon and mamapedia both offer a deal of the day- right now I could purchase $86 worth of gymnastics classes through mamapedia for $28 if I were interested.  If you know you’ll be traveling you could easily sign up ahead of time for the area you’ll be visiting- you might discover a yummy restaurant or score 1/2 off of an attraction that you were planning to visit anyway!  Another deal a day site that my husband is a big fan of is www.woot.com– he’s purchased several items at significant savings through their site.  Like groupon and mamapedia, they send an email with a deal of the day- if you’re interested you buy it, if not just wait for the next deal.

    After yesterday’s post I had a few friends suggest savings sites that they use- two that caught my eye are-



    I have one other idea for today that friends of mine have put into practice.  This isn’t an online deal, but I think it’s so great that it’s worth mentioning.  For the kids birthdays they’ve asked the grandparents not to give toys, but rather to gift them an experience.  Sometimes the grandparents pay for swim lessons or soccer registration.  They could treat the child to a day at an amusement park or a children’s museum.  They could take a granddaughter to an event at the American Girl store or to a salon for a new haircut and pedicure.  You get the idea… if there is something that your children would love, but if it’s just not in the budget why not ask the grandparents to provide it?  We all have too many toys laying around the house anyway!