• Thanksgiving Traditions

    Date: 2010.11.24 | Category: recipes | Tags: ,,,,

    I hope that this Thanksgiving finds all of you well and surrounded by loved ones.  This year is the first time that Chris and I haven’t spent Thanksgiving with family.  That doesn’t mean we won’t be eating well though!  We’re going to a friend’s house tomorrow for deep fried turkey (we’ve never had it that way- but we hear it comes out excellent!) and I’m going to bring my two favorite pies.  Although I don’t have enough pie to serve you a piece, I thought I’d share my recipes with you.  Enjoy!

    Cranberry/Eggnog Pie

    1 shortbread pie crust (or you could make your own favorite crust)
    1 4 serving size package of red jello
    3/4 cup boiling water
    1/2 cup orange juice (1-2 oranges if fresh squeezed)
    1 can whole berry cranberry sauce
    1 tsp grated orange zest

    1 cup eggnog (or milk)
    1 4 serving size package vanilla instant pudding
    1 cup thawed cool whip

    Dissolve gelatin in boiling water and add orange juice.  Place bowl in a larger bowl of ice water.  Let stand, stirring occasionally until gelatin is slightly thickened.  Stir in cranberry sauce and orange zest.  Pour into pie crust and chill until set (at least 30 minutes).

    Mix eggnog and pudding mix until well blended.  Fold in cool whip.  Gently spread over gelatin mixture.  Chill until firm (at least 2 hours) before serving.  Keep refrigerated.

    Streusel Topped Pumpkin Pie

    1 15 oz can pumpkin
    1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
    1 egg
    3/4 tsp cinnamon
    1/2 tsp each ginger, nutmeg, salt
    1 graham cracker pie crust

    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1/4 cup brown sugar
    2 TBS flour
    2 TBS cold butter
    3 oz chopped mixed nuts

    Preheat oven to 425°.  With mixer or wire whisk beat pumpkin, sweetened condensed milk, egg, and spices.  Pour into crust and bake 15 minutes.

    Meanwhile combine sugar, flour and cinnamon.  Cut in butter until crumbly.  Stir in nuts.  Remove pie from oven and reduce oven temp to 350°.  Sprinkle streusel mixture over pie.

    Bake 40 minutes or until set.  Cool and serve warm or at room temp.  Refrigerate leftovers.