• Beautiful

    Date: 2011.01.24 | Category: faith, friends | Tags: ,,

    Life hurts sometimes.  Sometimes the pain is so deep you can’t picture making it through the next moment.  Sometimes your heart is left in pieces that can not be put back together to make the same shape.  Sometimes I don’t understand God’s will or His ways or His plan.  Sometimes I understand exactly what He’s doing but I don’t like it.  I don’t want it.  Sometimes our circumstances are unbearable.  Truly, literally unbearable.

    But life is also beautiful.  Have you ever seen God at work in His people?  He is beautiful.  Have you ever heard your 2 year old express empathy for a hurting friend?  It’s a beautiful innocence.  Have you ever read the words of a grieving widow?  Caught just the smallest glimpse into her soul?  It’s a beautiful window.  Have you ever sat in silence because there is nothing to say?  It’s a beautiful silence.  Have you ever made a new friend- simply because she loves the one you love?  It’s a beautiful friendship.  Have you ever seen God’s people carry each other through?  It’s a beautiful community.

    If we struggle to make it past our pain without ever learning lessons from that pain we miss out on seeing God’s beauty.  We miss out on a chance to grow more like Christ- our most beautiful savior and perfect example of one who shouldered His burdens with grace.  One who helped others carry their pain.  One who chose to step into the ugly to make something beautiful.

    If I am going to go through it I’d like to come out the other side just a little more beautiful.