• These are the Days of Our Lives

    Date: 2011.02.10 | Category: parenting | Tags: ,,,,

    Yesterday was my work day.  Like usual I got up at 5 (the middle of the night for me!) to get ready.  I showered, made breakfast for everyone, made my lunch and gathered all of our stuff for the day.  About 6:45 I went in and fed Kate since she’s still breast feeding.  Chris woke JT up at 7.  Usually both kids are cheerful in the morning, but on this particular day JT wasn’t so much thrilled to have been woken up.  As we were trying to get his jacket on and load up the car he threw a fit in the laundry room- laying on the floor and crying that he was tired and didn’t want to get in the car.  After fighting him into his jacket, stuffing Kate into hers and layering them both with blankets (it was about 0° outside) we were off.  As I pulled up to Auntie’s house and parked in a snowbank at the curb I heard a retching sound.  I looked in the rearview mirror just in time to see Kate vomit out the entire contents of her stomach- all over the blankets, her clothes and her car seat.  Then she let out that ear piercing shriek that babies make when they have no idea what just happened to them, but they know they didn’t like it!  I threw the car into park and jumped out into the snow and ran around the car to her side (through the snow- in my work shoes), pulling off my gloves while I went.  She was covered in vomit so I grabbed a spit cloth to dab her face.  Then I grabbed our three bags (my purse, my lunch, their bag for the day) and her infant carrier and trotted back around to my side of the car to let JT out of his seat.  By this point my fingers were totally numb, so it took 5 times as long as usual to release his buckles and he started getting ancy and trying to “help” which of course only makes things harder.  I finally pulled him out and as I was gathering everything up again (this time adding JT’s water and his blankie to my load) JT ran over to a huge pile of snow and said he wanted to climb it.  I felt like Willy Wonka as I said “no, stop, don’t” while watching him face plant right into the huge pile- he had been expecting a hard, firm, packed hill- but what he got was a big huge pile of soft snow that he immediately sank into.  I retrieved him from his face down position in the snow and set him on his feet.  This recent snow was the wet, soft, sticky kind- so now he looked a bit like a snow man-  totally covered in a fine dusting of snow from head to toe.  Leaving him to fend for himself, I struggled up the front path carrying three bags, a blankie and the infant carrier while JT slowly ambled along behind me.  I set Kate and our bags inside the front door and then went out to help JT get most of the snow off his body- I patted him down and picked him up so he could shake the snow off of his shoes and into the house we went.

    Auntie was feeding both of her kids breakfast.  She came over to help me pull Kate from her seat and start stripping her of her soaked blankets and clothes.  JT announced that he wanted breakfast and climbed up into his seat- even though he still had a good bit of snow on him and was still wearing his jacket.  He sat in his seat hollering that he needed a waffle over and over and over while Auntie and I continued to deal with poor Kate.  I finally threw a banana at JT and told Auntie that I’m so sorry, but I REALLY had to go.  I grabbed my purse, lunch and keys and headed toward the door, still talking to Auntie as I went.  Right about that time my phone rang- Chris wanted to let me know that I had missed a call at the house.  “Thanks honey.  Here’s what just happened here…”  Phone to my ear I headed out the door and got on my way.  After I hung up with him I checked my call log (at a stop light!).  I had a message from my office- my first patient wasn’t coming.  I could take my time and come in when I want.  At that point I was halfway there and had a decision to make.  Turn around and help Auntie with the vomit and breakfast chaos or continue on to work where I would have plenty of time to grab a hot chai tea and relax for a few minutes?  I chose to go to work.  Can you blame me?

    9 hours later.

    I arrived back at Auntie’s house to find Kate back in her original outfit which had been washed and dried.  Her replacement outfit for the day had been washed and was in the dryer due to an accident on the other end.  The pool of vomit had been washed out of the carseat and blankets.  Kate was happy and cheerful.  JT was playing hide and seek with his cousin and mama had to go “find them” in the closet where they were giggling with delight at their game.  Thank God for Auntie.  (What other childcare provider will take your child who just vomited?  And wash her clothes and carseat?  I thank God for her- truly.)  We all bundled back up into our coats and hats and gloves and headed back out to the car.  On our way JT said “it’s the big pile of snow!” and created perfect symmetry to my day by doing his second face plant of the day right into it.

    Yes, these are the days of our lives.  And I wouldn’t trade them for anything.