• Silly Songs with Mama

    Date: 2011.02.22 | Category: parenting | Tags: ,,,

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.  I’m a compulsive song writer.  I make up songs for everything.

    3 small nephews in tow?  “Everybody hold a hand.  Everybody hold a hand.  Everybody hold a hand.  Everybody hold a hand.”  Although the boys did always like to say “Everybody do NOT hold a hand!” it still did the job.  This song has been going strong for about 13 years!  I just sang it on Sunday as I crossed the parking lot with 4 children under 5!

    Falling in love with my future husband?  “Oh honey my honey.  Oh honey my honey.  Oh honey my honey!  Oh honey my love!”  What is that?  The ride of the Valkyries?  I had to look that up.

    Driving past the pumpkin patch?  “Pumpkin time, pumpkin time, everybody’s gotta go to pumpkin time!”  This turned out to be a great multi-purpose song- you can sing it almost any time, and I do!  Napping time, Christmas time, eating time, you get the picture.

    Realize that my son who always goes by his initials won’t recognize his own full name?  “Jacob Timothy Benschoter!  Jacob Timothy Benschoter!”

    Or another favorite- “Baby JT, baby JT, mama loves her baby JT- ba boom boom.  Baby JT, baby JT, ooooooh I love my baby JT!”  (we’ve recently had to modify this to say “Big boy JT”)

    Of course Kate needs her own song too.  “Baby Kate, baby Kate does whatever a baby Kate does.  Katherine Mae.  Katie Mae.  That’s her name, they’re all the same!  Look out!  Here comes a baby Kate!”  (yes this one is to the Spiderman theme song)

    I’ve recently added another instant hit to the tune of I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.  “I’ve been tickling my JT, all the live a long day!  I’ve been tickling my JT just to pass the time away.  Can’t you feel the tickles coming?  Tickling so early in the morn?  Can’t you hear the mama tickling?  Mama tickle your boy!  Oh, tickling JT, tickling JT, tickling my JT boy.  Tickling JT, tickling JT, tickling my JT boy!  Oh, mama has been tickling JT.  Mama has been tickling her boy.  Mama has been tickling JT!  Tickling her JT boy.  And she’s singing; tickle my JT boy.  Tickle my JT boy.  Tickle my JT boy!  Tickling my JT boy.”  As you can imagine there are lots of tickles and giggles that accompany this one!  I’m currently working on another version that goes to the tune of She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain.

    I always love to substitute the kids names into songs.  You are my sunshine has been sung “you are my JT” and “you are my Katie” more times than I can count.  Sometimes I even sing “you are my Mollie” by special request.

    The old camp song Deep and Wide?  It’s become “David and Drew.  JT and Kate.  They’re the four kids we’re playing with today.  David and Drew.  JT and Kate. We all have so much fun when we play!”  My nephew David particularly likes this one.

    Even better though is substituting the wrong names into the wrong places.  Nothing cracks a two year old up like mixing up names!  I love to tell JT- “You are my very favorite JT in the whole wide world!”  Man does he think it’s funny when I say “you are my very favorite daddy in the whole wide world!”  “No!” he’ll say.  “I’m JT!”  So then I’ll correct it and say “You are JT’s very favorite daddy in the whole wide world!”  This can go on for numerous rounds with no decrease in delight.

    I hope that someday when my kids are parents they’ll remember the joy of singing together.  I may not remember any specific songs that I learned from my parents, but I’m pretty sure that this tradition was handed down from them.