• Blind Hope

    Date: 2011.03.02 | Category: book review | Tags: ,

    Hmmmm… I’m losing faith in this blogging for books business.  Number two- also a dud.

    I recently read Blind Hope, An unwanted dog and the woman she rescued by Kim Meeder and Laurie Sacher.  The true story of a woman who adopted a dog and how she learned lessons about God and His love for her seemed promising.  And if you are willing to put up with amateurish writing, false sounding conversation, awkward transitions from first, to second, to third person, and cheesy predictability you will find some good truths.  But I don’t recommend it.

    There was one quote from the book that resonated with me- enough so that I actually posted it on facebook.  “The grass isn’t greener on the other side- it’s greener where you water it. It’s greener where contentment flows.”  I really like this twist on how many of us feel- that if only we can get there– wherever there is, we will find joy.  This reminder that we create our own joy, by pouring ourselves into what we have now was a good one.

    Now that I’ve given you the highlight of the book you don’t have to read it.

    I feel like I’m in high school and am being forced to write book reports on lame books for a grade.  Maybe this program isn’t for me.


    My only compensation for this book review was the free book from the publisher.  My opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the publisher.