• words I heard today

    Date: 2011.03.03 | Category: parenting | Tags:

    ‎”Mama, I’ll poke you with this and then you can have a treat!”
    “What will my treat be?”
    “Your fingers!”
    “So let me get this straight.  You’ll poke me and then I have to eat my fingers?  No thanks!”

    “Mama- I need new pants.  My pants are all wet.”
    “Wet? How did they get wet?”
    “Drew’s booger nose.”
    Oh- you got a HUGE glob of snot on your pants. Yah, I agree. That’s gross.

    “Mama I’m hungry.”
    “Ok, let’s go eat breakfast.”
    “But I don’t want breakfast!  I want a snack!”
    “Well, it’s breakfast time.  We’re going to have breakfast.  But you can call it whatever you’d like.”
    “I don’t want to eat!  I’m not hungry.”
    “Ok.  I’m going to eat now, you’re welcome to join me when you’re hungry.”
    “I’m hungry!  I want to eat!”
    Isn’t this where we started?

    “JT, don’t give Drew any of your popcorn, he’s too little.”
    “Drew’s not little!  He’s big!  He can have it!”

    “OK JT, now it’s Drew’s turn on the swing.”
    “Drew can’t go on the swing.  He’s too little.”

    “I want to carry you mommy!  I want to carry you!”  (he wanted to be carried)