• Late night crafting

    Date: 2011.03.14 | Category: crafts, saving money | Tags: ,

    Last night at about 10pm I got an idea.  A brilliant idea!  I had to execute it right away.

    Do you remember the felt rosette wreaths I made back at Valentines day?  I wanted to make a “corsage” for my coat. Just a few weeks ago I had a beautiful snowflake pin.  Then it had a run in with the diaper bag and didn’t survive.  Bummer.  Plus Spring is in the air and I thought a flower would be a nice addition to my lapel.

    And I knew I could whip out a hair clip for Kate.  Or two.  Cause that girl doesn’t have enough accessories.

    (How to distract a girl so you can take photos of her hairbow?  Bribe her with her brother’s sippy cup!)

    I thought she might need two new hair flowers.  A tiny little white one AND a sizable pink one!  Because really, why not?

    I think I had all three items made in less than half an hour.  And that included a flashlight foray into Kate’s room to grab a hairclip I could glue one onto and a rummage through my hair items for a second hair clip.  Oh, and did I mention the whole project was free?  I had all of the materials on hand.  Just about the only thing I like better than a bargain is free.  Woo hoo!

    I waited until this morning to take her pictures though.  I know better than to wake a sleeping baby just so I can photograph the new clips I just made for her.  Though I was tempted!

    Happy crafting!