• Meal Plan April 3-9

    Date: 2011.04.03 | Category: meal plan | Tags: ,

    What are we having for dinner this week?

    Sunday- Seder dinner at our church

    Monday- bisquick chili bake (I know I put this up last week, but we didn’t have it!)

    Tuesday- chicken piccata with broccoli (I learned last week that broccoli is Chris’ favorite veggie- I guess we’ll be eating it more often from now on!
    (edited to say I ended up making this yummy recipe instead, because I’m flexible like that!)

    Wednesday- pasta fagioli soup- crockpot

    Thursday- swedish meatballs with pasta

    Friday- dinner with our small group

    Saturday- orange beef?

    My parents are leaving Monday which means things will settle down some around here (boo hoo), but Chris’ track season has started which means he doesn’t get home til dinner time or later every night- ugh.  This means no help with the kids while I’m prepping dinner and keeping the kids up later than I’d like for dinner and bedtime.  I’m starting to count down the days until June and summer vacation!