• Dessert Fail

    Date: 2011.04.12 | Category: recipes | Tags: ,,,

    Recently I challenged my husband that instead of saying “I love you” we should try to find another way to show our love instead.  It just seems too easy to throw out the words without following them up with actions sometimes.  Anway, I was walking through Big Lots today and they had Peppermint Oreos for 75 cents (those things have a shelf life of about forever- they weren’t even near the expiration date!).  Chris LOVES those Oreo truffles that have been making the rounds lately so I decided to make him a batch as a surprise.

    At this point I should make the disclaimer that I hate making truffles.  Despite the protests of the masses that “They are so simple!” and “You can whip up several batches in no time!” I have never found that to be the case.  Years ago my sister and I experimented with chocolate truffles and we were miserable trying to get them to stick into a ball shape and cover them with chocolate.  “Never again!” we declared.  Then for some odd reason we decided to make Bourbon balls one Christmas.  Ha!  Each one tasted like a shot of Bourbon.  Nasty.  Then I decided to make my mom’s famous Peanut Butter Bon Bons one year for a cookie exchange.  I don’t know what I did wrong, but trying to shape these balls with crunchy peanut butter and rice krispies was torture!  My hands hurt so badly from being poked and scraped by the krispies.  No kidding.  I let my mom and sister in law make these now.

    Last Christmas one of Chris’ students gave him some Oreo Truffles as a gift.  YUM!  She gave us her recipe- and I quote- 1 package of oreos, 1 package of cream cheese.  Blend in food processor.  Form into balls.  Dip into chocolate. Easy Peasy!  I figured that if a 7th grader could do it then so could I!  This Christmas I bought all of the ingredients and started making a batch, but somehow during the actual making of the truffles I got pulled away from the kitchen (hmmmm… perhaps it was my toddler or my baby?) and my sister and sister in law took over.  I don’t think I made it past the crushing of the Oreos.  I have no idea what transpired in that kitchen, but I do know that not too long later we had a beautiful tray of perfectly shaped truffles to enjoy and neither of them complained to me about making them.

    So here I am in April and I decided to whip up a batch at 8 o’clock at night.  No problem, I thought.

    I mixed up the oreos and cream cheese and got a filling mixture the texture of frosting.  Have you ever tried to shape frosting into a ball and then dip it into chocolate?  Ya, it doesn’t work.  I looked online and found suggestions- refrigerate the mixture before shaping it.  Use a spoon and dip the ball into the chocolate.

    Whatever people.  This is what I got…

    Have you ever seen anything so lovely?  Hmmmm…

    I’m just eating mine with that spoon.

    Edited to say- Chris just came in from the other room and said “I know what the problem was!  The package of peppermint Oreos was smaller than a package of regular Oreos so the ratio was wrong!”  I think he’s right.  But he’s still going to have to hope a 7th grader to make them for him again some day.  Or maybe one of his sisters in law?