• A New Purse

    Date: 2011.04.21 | Category: crafts | Tags: ,,,

    Tuesday night I went grocery shopping.  While I was checking out I noticed the lady next to me had a cute purse.  I kept eyeballing it.  Surreptitiously, since she didn’t look all that friendly and the man with her looked even less friendly.  But glimpses out of the corner of my eye just weren’t gonna do it.  I needed details.  So I turned and asked her, “Did you make your purse?”  And she lit up- “Yes I did!”  “Do you mind if I get a closer look?” I asked.  “I love it and would like to see how you did it.”  She was happy to show off her creation- showing me how she lined it in such a way as to make it reversible and pointing out a few of it’s details.

    I got home, unloaded the perishables and made a beeline up to my sewing room.  So what if it was 9:30 on a work night… I had a purse to make!

    I had a pair of jeans with a small rip (you can actually see it in the pictures up near one of the belt loops) that I sacrificed for the cause.  I cut off the legs right at the inseam and sewed a line straight across the bottom (I did a straight stitch and then I did a zig zag that went over the edge to help prevent fraying).  Then I rummaged through my fabric stash and came across a two pack of handkerchiefs I had purchased about 6 months ago at the dollar store.  I held one up to check the size and realized I wouldn’t even have to trim it- I was able to just sew up the two sides and had the perfect fit for the lining.  I folded the top of the lining in and sewed it on- I just decided to go with a top stitch to make it easy on myself (and it’s not like I’m selling it- my sewing is terrible, but it’s good enough for me!).

    I had originally planned to use a belt for my strap, but since I had a second handkerchief in a coordinating color I decided to try that first.  I cut it in half, rolled each piece up and tied them together.  Then I just tied each of the ends onto a belt loop!  (I also tried threading the strap through the belt loops thinking it would cinch the bag closed and I could grab the opposite sides for two shorter handles but I wasn’t as happy with that look.)

    As I started playing with it I realized that I actually preferred the purse with the floral side out and the denim side in.  It’s a little dressier that way and it puts the pockets on the inside.  I’m still not thrilled with the way the bag gapes open.  Right now I’m  using a hair band around the button and the opposing belt loop, but I’m still rolling ideas around my brain to see if I can come up with something better.

    For some finishing touches I sewed a piece of grosgrain ribbon over the label (St. John’s Bay doesn’t have the same appeal as a GAP logo might have had) and pinned on a denim flower I made several months ago.

    An hour and $1 later I’m pretty pleased with my new purse… hooray!