• Bunny Cake!

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    The more I think about it, the more I realize my mom really played up all of the holidays (thanks mom!) for us when we were kids.  When I think of celebrating Easter I remember a wearing a new dress and maybe a hat and gloves to church.  The handpainted chicks lined up on the mantel- one for each of us.  Dying eggs and the smell of vinegar.  A basket brimming with candy and trinkets.  Singing Christ the Lord is Risen Today and Up from the Grave He Arose.  And bunny cake.

    Every year my mom made a bunny cake.  Covered in frosting and candy it was a kids dream.  (Now that I’ve made one I realize it’s really a parent’s dream- there is so much leftover candy!)  This year we decided that the kids are old enough to appreciate their first bunny cake.  I was nominated to produce said bunny cake.  This is a big step up from my usual 9×13 cake frosted in the pan.  I did manage to produce 6 undercooked blueberry zucchini breads this fall and to explode an egg nog cake in the oven on Christmas Eve, so I was a little worried, but decided to give it a try.

    During nap time I made a cake mix (using the high altitude directions!) in two 8″ round cake pans.  When the cakes were cool I turned the first one onto a foil covered jelly roll and cut it into three pieces for the ears and tie.  Then I placed the other cake in the center for the face and voila!  A bunny cake!

    When JT got up I let him help me decorate the bunny- twizzler pull aparts for the outline of the ears and tie and for the whiskers and mouth and eye brows.  Flower sprinkles filled in the tie while red sugar sprinkles filled in the ears.  I used peanut butter egg shaped m&ms for the eyes and nose.  Then I decided we didn’t have enough candy on the cake and outlined the face in m&ms and added one inside of the mouth.

    While I wouldn’t enter this cake in any cake decorating contests, for our family it turned out just fine!

    Wanna see?

    A few things to keep in mind if you decide to try it… one can of frosting really isn’t enough.  The cut edges are really crumbly and the coverage all over was pretty sparse with just one can.  Also, I made our cake the day before, but the candy was pretty sad looking by the next day.  Since you really want fresh frosting to help glue the candy on I think next time I’ll make the cake the day before but decorate it the same day we’ll be eating it.

    I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Easter filled with chocolate and eggs and the hope of our resurrected Lord!