• Menu Plan May 8-14

    Date: 2011.05.07 | Category: meal plan | Tags:

    What are we having for dinner this week?

    Sunday- we’re going out for Mother’s Day- this mama isn’t cooking!

    Monday- mexican casserole (edited to say we’re having this Thursday night)

    Tuesday- shepherd’s pie (edited to say we’re having this Monday night)

    Wednesday- Italian Chicken crock pot

    Thursday- 7 layer dip and burritos (edited to say we’re having the dip with fish tacos on Tuesday night)

    Friday- beef broccoli and fried rice

    Saturday- chicken divan

    We ended up having Taco Bell for Cinco de Mayo last week- I decided not to go grocery shopping since that was the only meal all week that required a trip to the store.  Now that we are having our milk delivered I try to skip grocery trips and eat out of the freezer and pantry every few weeks- it’s a great way to save money!  We’re also in the final stretch of track season which means Chris often is only home for 45 minutes or so before he has to leave for a meeting (he had two last week) and on Wednesdays I’m the one who has to eat and run.  We’re looking forward to June and summer vacation!