• Field Day Fail

    Date: 2011.05.09 | Category: parenting | Tags:

    Today is Monday. On Mondays Chris takes JT to preschool and I usually have a quiet morning with Kate (14 months) and my nephew Drew (20 months). LaLa (my sister in law’s mom) picks up David from his preschool and brings him here in time for lunch.

    This morning Chris called me just before 9 to say that today is Field Day at the school and he suggested that it might be fun for me to bring the other kids. Now I am normally not spontaneous at all, but we were all fed and dressed and cheerful so I decided to go for it.

    I spent 15 minutes gathering hats and water bottles and applying sunscreen. Then I loaded up the kids and drove the three minutes to the school. I unloaded the kids again and got them into the stroller. As we were approaching the school I spotted JT having a great time. The minute JT spotted me he turned into Mr Pouty Face.

    From that moment on JT refused to participate or engage with what was going on. He just wanted me to hold him. At the music area all of his classmates and Drew were dancing and doing all the motions, but JT just sulked and wanted me to pick him up. I squatted down to talk to him at eye level and I picked him up as I stood. That’s when I felt something go out in my back. I was literally frozen in a semi squat in pain and in fear that I couldn’t stand up. I finally sat down on the grass- just as the teachers started gathering up the class to go to the next area. (Gathering 12 two year olds was like herding cats!). I struggled to stand and then to get Drew back into the stroller. JT was supposed to hold on to the rope but he also wanted to hold my hand, so I was trying to maneuver the double stroller one handed and not run over any of his classmates while pretending that I wasn’t in pain and smiling. For some reason I felt like an idiot and didn’t want anyone to know I was in pain. (Partly because I always feel like an idiot when I’m at JT’s school. Since Chris is the one who takes him I don’t know the routines or the other parents or the kids. Plus we forgot to bring snack one time.)

    The next activity was the bounce house. According to Chris, JT was so excited for the bounce house he was taking about it all morning. Well not anymore. Now JT refused to get in and just wanted to cling to my leg. Or run into the dirt in his socks. Which left me in the awkward position of having to discipline in front of his teacher while still pretending that I was fine. Because apparently I really am an idiot.

    I decided it was time to cut my losses and go home. I said goodbye to JT who immediately started bawling and begging me no to go. I pushed the stroller across the lawn and waved goodbye while he sobbed and screamed for me. At the car I had to lift both kids out of the stroller and into their car seats. Then I had to fight the stroller into the back of the van. As I maneuvered myself into the driver’s seat I was fighting back tears of pain and frustration. Once home I had to get both kids back out of the car and into the house. Kate is terrible about holding on while she’s being carried and I could hardly keep from dropping her as my back seized up while I was climbing the steps and opening the door.

    I finally got her down for a nap and took two advil. I’m currently laying on ice and typing this while Drew is asking me to take him outside or get him the bubbles from the mantel or the fishie puzzle from the counter. Sorry Drew- it’s not looking good for you today.

    In all, I categorize this morning as a spectacular fail.