• Menu Plan May 15-21

    Date: 2011.05.14 | Category: meal plan | Tags:

    What are we having for dinner this week?

    Sunday- we have a birthday party so no cooking!

    Monday- it’s Chris’ birthday and he’s going to the Rockies/Giants game – the kids and I will eat leftovers while he eats a hot dog or something

    Tuesday- steak and potatoes (belated birthday dinner for the hubs!)

    Wednesday- ham tortellini with Philly cooking sauce (I got the sauce on a great deal with a coupon)

    Thursday- bratwurst sandwiches

    Friday- mexican casserole (bumped from last week)

    Saturday- chicken divan

    Last week got all mixed up- no surprise after my back went out!  I was in so much pain on Thursday I went to bed as soon as Chris got home and I think he fed the kids leftovers.  Friday we ended up having a party at our house for his middle school worship team- we had about 20 kids plus some adults so we ordered pizza.  Can I just reiterate how excited I am for the end of the school year?  Two weeks!!!