• Because I’m crafty like that…

    Date: 2011.05.20 | Category: crafts, parenting | Tags:

    JT has a pair of Blue’s Clues slippers that he loves.  He got them in his Easter basket and even though they are several sizes too big he wears them almost every day.

    Unfortunately they’re not very grippy on the bottom, resulting in several slips and spills on the hardwood every day.  This morning I decided to take action.  I dug through my craft stash hoping I still had some puffy paint.  I had some shimmery white Christmas snow puffy paint (I think that it’s a good sign that I had cleaned the 20 year old puffy paint out of my supply box, I mean, really!).

    Then I asked JT what he’d like on the bottom of his slippers.  I am not an artist- I draw stick people and daisies and hearts, so simple was what I was going for.  I suggested a paw print and he agreed.  He suggested Blue’s house for the other slipper and I agreed.

    5 minutes later they were decorated and ready to dry.  Hopefully no more slipping!