• Diaper cake!

    Date: 2011.05.22 | Category: crafts | Tags: ,,,

    One of my friends is preparing to have her 6th child and some girlfriends and I wanted to celebrate his or her impending arrival.  We didn’t want an elaborate ordeal, but did want to make sure the new mom knows how much we welcome and cherish each of her children.  We decided a small surprise baby shower would be just the thing.  Since we don’t know the gender of the new baby, I decided to be super practical.  (If I knew it was a girl she’d have gotten hair bows and frilly pink things!)  What does every mom need?  Diapers!  But a box of diapers isn’t terribly exciting to look at or to open.  Then I thought… diaper cake!

    I started looking online for tutorials, but found that most of them require rolling EVERY SINGLE DIAPER and securing each one with a rubber band.  Then you form a circle out of a bagillion of those and use another rubber band to hold them together.  This did not sound fun to make- or frankly all that kind to the new mom who just needs a diaper at 2 am.  I kept scrolling through the tutorials on google until I found this post with a system that made the process much simpler.

    I spent less than an hour (and that includes scrounging up coordinating ribbons and covering the Christmas platter (it’s all I had!) with wrapping paper.  Since I don’t own a set of different size cake pans I used my chip and dip bowl, a large cookie tin, a smaller cookie tin, and I hand rolled the top layer.  I just fanned out as many diapers as I could get to fit into each pan and then used a large rubber band to hold it together.  I spent a few moments evening out the spacing of the fanned diapers, but mostly was able to leave each layer as it was when I turned it from the pan.  I decided to keep my rubber bands in place under the ribbons to add security during transport- I didn’t want to lose a layer in the driveway!

    I’ve seen diapers cakes that have rattles and pacifiers and the like tucked around the sides, but I like the cleaner look of just the diapers and the ribbon.  Here’s how mine turned out… what do you think?

    Not as yummy as chocolate, but it’s easier on the hips!