• You win some… you lose some

    Date: 2011.05.23 | Category: recipes | Tags: ,,

    Today I was going to make my mom’s yummy baked sausage sandwiches for dinner (only I prefer bratwurst).  Then Chris asked if I’d make hamburgers too.  I figured, Sure!  Why not?  Burgers and brats totally go together.

    Now usually when I “make” burgers I take a preformed frozen patty and throw it on the grill.  But today I decided to get all fancy and actually make my burgers.  Touching raw meat is something that I rarely do, so this was a major change from the routine!  When I went to pull a package of brats from the freezer I noticed that we had a package of elk brats in there too.  (One of Chris’ sweet 8th graders actually took down her own elk this season and brought us some of the meat.  I’ve seen pictures of her next to the elk- it’s head is truly bigger than her body.  Cra-zy!)  Anyway, I thought I might as well make those.

    I threw the brats in some beer to boil and surfed online for a cheddar burger recipe.  I found one that looked totally yummy, added a handful of bacon bits and then tried to shape my patties.  Is there some magic secret to shaping burgers that I don’t know about?  Apparently, because these suckers would not stick together.  They fell apart on the grill and we lost a good portion of our meat to the dog.  And it was yummy meat too!  Bummer.  We ended up with some misshapen meat lumps that we stuck between two pieces of bun and called burgers.  But I wasn’t too worried about that because they were yummy, and anyway I still had a brat to look forward to.  Whole grain bun, dijionaise, cheese, kraut, dill relish and brat assembled and then baked in foil.  How could a person go wrong?  I’ve got two words for you.  Elk Brats.  I took one enthusiastic bite and then slowly lowered it to my plate and gave my hubby “the look”.  I think I said something like “It’s not very good”.  He decided to try a bite and exclaimed “It tastes like a Christmas tree! It’s like eating a very yucky horrible Christmas!”  At which point we burst out laughing.

    So, 4 brat sammies minus two bites went into the garbage.  No hesitation.  They were really that bad.

    Good thing I made a batch of cookies tonight!

    On an unrelated note, thank you for reading my blog.  I know that there are lots of ways to spend your time and I appreciate that you’ve spent a little with me today.