• the Master Bath

    Date: 2011.05.24 | Category: uncategorized | Tags: ,

    When we moved in I knew that the master bath was going to be a gut job.  I also knew that since I was pregnant and Chris was a first year teacher we were going to contract the job out.

    Please notice with me-  3 Hollywood light bars?  Check.  Tarnished brass and faux crystal faucets?  Check.  Carpet?  Check.  Tiny stall shower?  Check.  Pink tile with floral accents?  Check.  Pink formica?  Check.  Soaking tub?  Check.  9 foot vanity with very little usable storage?  Check.  9 foot mirror?  Check.  One outlet for the entire bathroom?  Check.  Brass towel bars?  Check.

    I’m a big fan of graph paper.  It was easy to sketch out the dimensions of the room and pencil in my ideas.  I also took advantage of each of the contractors who came out to give us bids.  I asked them for ideas and was open to hearing their suggestions for layout and features.  I’m also a big fan of deals!  I found our two vanities at Costco one day months before we were ready to start construction.  I loved them and the price was right, so we stored them in the garage until we needed them.  My wish list for the new space?  A large shower with a built in bench, usable storage space in the vanities, no more carpet, and no brass.  That was the bulk of my requirements!  We did most of the leg work in finding our tile, light fixtures, tub and faucets- then we found a great contractor to put it all together.

    A peak into the W.C. and the (dusty!) cabinet we installed to hold toiletries.

    It’s hard to see from those photos but we extended the shower tile along the whole back wall- so our towel hooks are mounted on the tile rather than against sheet rock.  This picture from before the shower glass was installed gives you an idea of how the whole wall is tiled.  We love using hooks for our towels rather than towel bars- it’s easier to hang the towels and you can fit more in a small space.  You can see what we have if you look in the reflection in the mirror of the second picture!

    There is only one thing I would do different in this bathroom if I could.  I’m not happy with how the tub arrangement came out.  I was envisioning a double tub with plenty of space on the tub deck for setting candles and soaps.  When the tub we ordered came in it turns out that it’s really a 1.5 person tub!  And since neither of us is a half person we can’t really bathe together.  The wide tub deck in front of the tub makes climbing in and out challenging- especially with the placement of the faucets.  It’s one of those things that all seemed to work on paper, but in reality was not quite the way I would have liked it.  Fortunately for us, the shower turned out even better than we hoped.  It is huge, we have a rain head and a handheld, a shelf for shampoo and conditioner, and a large bench for soaps and shaving cream and my foot to rest on while I’m shaving.  I LOVE IT!  We opted for glue chip glass rather than clear like many high end showers have.  I didn’t want the task of using a squeegee after every shower and like the fact that if offers a little privacy- it was the right choice for me!