• Turkey, Cranberry, Apple Sandwich

    Date: 2011.05.24 | Category: recipes | Tags: ,

    10 years ago this month I happened to be in Arizona for a wedding.  (Happy anniversary Carl and Joy!)  At some point we popped into a Panera sandwich shop and I will never forget the most wonderful panini I had there.  It had turkey and apple and brie and it was warm and oozing cheesy goodness.  We didn’t have Panera near us back in CA, but I tucked it away in my memory.

    Then 7 years ago when Chris and I got together he worked for a school that provided hot lunch for all of the students and staff every day.  One day he brought me home a sandwich with turkey and brie and cranberry- toasted on the grill.  It immediately brought to mind that Panera sandwich and I loved it.

    When the time came that we had a Panera just down the street I was so excited and I knew exactly what to order.  You know what happens next, right?  Much to my dismay it’s no longer on the menu!

    It was time to take matters into my own hands.  I’ve come up with a recipe that is a combination of the other two, only I usually use sliced cheese instead of Brie.  My grocery store bakery makes an Italian Sweet Bread with craisins and raisins.  Every once in a while I’ll find a loaf in the day old section and pick one up- and then I get to make these sandwiches for lunch all week!  And you guessed it, this is one of those weeks!

    2 slices Italian Sweet Bread (or bread of your choosing)
    cream cheese
    3 thin apple slices
    1 slice cheese
    cranberry sauce (I prefer whole berry)
    2 thick slices turkey or chicken breast

    Assemble your sandwich, layering half of the ingredients on each slice of bread.  Keeping the halves apart, place in toaster oven with bread side down (obviously!).  Lightly toast.  If the apple is still cold or the cheese isn’t melted toss in microwave for 30 seconds or so (this helps prevent the bread from becoming too crunchy or burnt).  Stick your two sides together and enjoy!