• Packing Tip

    Date: 2011.06.07 | Category: homemaking, saving money | Tags:

    When I’m getting ready to go on a trip there is one thing I always do that saves me time and money. The morning before we leave I pull out my toiletries bag and set it on the counter. I keep some travel sized items and a few duplicates of my regular products in there all the time, so it’s already half full. Then as I am getting ready I place all of the products I use in the bag- makeup, toothbrush, hair stuff, etc. Throughout the day I might toss in something I think of and my jewelry or whatever. At bedtime I might add a few more items. Then the morning of the trip I get ready out of my bag. This is a double check for me to help ensure that I didn’t forget anything important.
    With this system I rarely forget something critical enough that I have to buy it on the other end and I know I’ll have all of my favorites with me.
    Just a little tip from me to you… I hope it helps on your next trip!


    *edited to add*- I never check my toiletries bag- I always carry it on the plane with me. I keep jewelry and make up and other hard to replace or expensive items with me. I don’t mind buying new shampoo if my bag is lost, but I would be bummed to lose my favorite earrings!