• JTisms

    Date: 2011.06.18 | Category: parenting | Tags:

    Man I love this kid.  He sure comes up with the funniest ways of saying things.  I thought it was time for some of his latest and greatest…

    The wind blew one of our patio chairs over.  JT said “It wants to lay down and take a rest.”

    I told JT “You look good!”  He replied “I don’t look good- I look blue and orange!” (the colors of his shirt)

    If we ask JT where something is and he doesn’t know he’ll say “It’s somewhere.”

    Mollie (our dog) came home with a new haircut and he enthusiastically told her “I like your new haircut, Mollie!”

    bounce house = “boundy house”

    instead of saying that something is tangled up he says it’s “all bungled up” or “all buckled up”

    JT called the sidewalk the “walking side”

    JT noticed a new freckle on his hand.  First he thought it was poop and kept trying to wipe it off.  When I explained what it was JT said “I don’t like it mommy!  Get it off!”  He still mentions it every few days- he calls it his “sparkle”.

    instead of “I would like” JT says “Could I like?”

    pretzels = “prencils”
    pencils = “prencils”

    I entered JT’s bedroom one morning and the first thing he said was “I was still hungry last night.  I ate my pez.”  Sure enough, he had climbed up on top of his short dresser to reach the top of his tall dresser and eaten 2 entire sleeves of pez!  Needless to say he’s not getting more for a while.  A few mornings later I noticed something red in his teeth.  I asked JT what it was and he said, “I ate my chappy.  I was hungry.”  For Pete’s sake!

    We were dog sitting for a few weeks and JT would say “My puppies!  See my puppies?  She’s a black one!”  (she is a he) He also told EVERYONE that we came across that he had three puppies at home.

    Friends were in Florida for vacation (thus the dog sitting) and JT was a little confused about the whole concept.  He thought Florida was a girl and our friends were visiting her.  I explained how it’s a place that’s far away and you get there on an airplane and I showed him on a map.  I also explained that it’s where Mickey and Minnie Mouse live.  During prayer time that night he told me “Pray for TuckerTyler so they won’t be sad and that we can be good friends to them and don’t forget to pray for Florida and Mickey Mouse is there and Minnie Mouse is a girl.”

    on our way to Auntie’s- “I like Auntie.  I’m going to love her today.”

    Drew dropped his cracker.  JT said “That’s sad, Drew.  Mollie got it.  If you drop your food then it’s all gone because Mollie’s too fast.”  (Do you think he’s heard that one before?)

    Washington DC = “washing marchine c”

    Don’t you just love the way these things come out of their mouths?