• Menu Plan July 10-16

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    What are we having for dinner this week?

    edited on 7-11-

    Well this week’s plan has already changed a ton!  Based on some of the things I found when I cleaned out the freezer and the fact I’m working 3 days this week I’ve changed almost every meal!  Here’s an updated meal plan as of today…

    Sunday- appetizers out of the freezer

    Monday- parmesan tilapia with asparagus

    Tuesday- taco salad

    Wednesday- pesto/alfredo pasta from the freezer

    Thursday- salmon burgers

    Friday- spaghetti and meatballs

    Saturday- pork loin

    Sunday- fish (I’m going shopping tonight and I’ll pick up whatever looks good)

    Monday- cheesy beef stroganoff

    Tuesday- Amish Yumazuti (from the freezer)

    Wednesday- spaghetti and meatballs

    Thursday- freezer find! (I’m trying to clean out our freezer so I’ll pull something out!)

    Friday- small group?

    Saturday- pork chops

    I’m still catching up from having been gone last week- the last load of laundry from camping is in the washer, I’m mostly done cleaning the kitchen, and I finally sorted all of the pictures (priorities people!).  I seem to have a million projects half done around here.  Once I get a better handle on the house I have a few blog posts rolling around in my head that I’d like to get written.