• Jam Making Day!

    Date: 2011.07.11 | Category: homemaking | Tags: ,,

    My sister in law and her mother have a tradition of getting together to make freezer jam every year.  They have kindly allowed me to join in the festivities- much to the joy of my husband who loves homemade jam!  We gathered up all of our jars and several flats of strawberries, blueberries and peaches and went to it yesterday.  About three hours later we had dozens of jars of jam for each of our freezers and the kitchen was returned to a non sticky state (that’s actually an improvement over its usual condition with 4 toddlers frequently dining here!).

    We tried the Ball instant set pectin this year and we also tried a few batches of Xylitol/Splenda jam.  We loved that you didn’t have to cook the pectin- just stir for three minutes!  The strawberry and strawberry blueberry jams turned out great, and the no sugar jam tastes great and set up well too.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the peach or peach blueberry jam set up very well this year.  Syrup anyone?  I hear great things about Pamona pectin- maybe next year we’ll try to find some ahead of time and see if we get better results.

    The other nice thing about jam day (aside from 22 jars of jam!) is it inspired me to clean out the chest freezer.  I spent an hour this morning cleaning, defrosting (It brought back childhood memories of my dad with an ice pick and a blow dryer de-icing our freezer!  I used a screwdriver and the shop vac to clean out all the ice.), reorganizing and then taking inventory of it’s contents.  I discovered I don’t have any pork chops, but I do have 15 pounds of ground beef out there!  I guess I’ll cross off the pork chops for this week and I’ll be putting more beef recipes on the menu plan in the coming weeks.  I decided to write down everything in the freezer on a white board and I’m going to see if I can be diligent about changing the quantities when I use items and replace them.  It will be so nice to know exactly what I have on hand.

    So that was my day yesterday and today.  I’m still catching up on life after being gone for 3 weeks out of 4, but I did fold 7 loads of laundry the other day, so we’re getting close!