• A Shirt for Kate

    Date: 2011.07.13 | Category: crafts, parenting | Tags: ,,,,

    I needed a new shirt for Kate- I had something specific in mind and I searched everywhere.  OK, I only made it to Kohls, Target and Babies R Us, but that was it, I was done looking.  At BRU I found a shirt on the clearance rack that I decided I could make work- it was super cute and would just need a little tweaking.  It already had several types of fonts and stitching, so I hoped my additions would look like they were supposed to be there.

    I found this shirt

    Then I opened up a word document and played with some fonts until I found one that coordinated well with what the shirt already had going on.  I printed it and cut it out and then placed it on the shirt to check the size and the spacing- I ended up reprinting it several times to get it just right.  Then I taped it to the inside of the shirt, held it up to the light and traced the letters.  Once I had the outline for my stitches I used two colors of embroidery floss to sew the word and symbol on the shirt and added a few other details to pull the color through the whole shirt.  I am so happy with how it came out!

    That’s right!  Soon Kate will be a big sister too!  We are thrilled to be expecting baby #3 in late Feb or early March.  Hooray!  And I think this explains my lack of posts lately… back to back vacations, pregnancy exhaustion, and extra work hours.  Whew!

    So, back to the shirt.  Here are a few close ups…

    The shirt already had embroidery- all I added in this shot is the word “Big” and the “&” sign.  Everything else was there.

    On this side I added the little green heart and the purple knots.

    The next challenge was getting both kids to smile for a picture while both shirts were visible and readable.  This proved to be completely beyond our abilities.

    Oh well.  Maybe next time!  If we couldn’t get two kids to smile, how will we ever manage to get three kids to cooperate for a picture???

    Thanks for reading my blog.  It’s fun to share this news with you!