• It’s the little things

    Date: 2011.08.11 | Category: crafts | Tags:

    We love to host gatherings at our house, and I’ve never had a good way to set out silverware for our guests.  A few years ago I was wandering through Target when I spotted something on clearance I had been wanting for years… a silverware caddy!  I picked it up for a few dollars and stuck it in the cabinet for our next party.

    A few months later as I was preparing for a shindig I pulled it out and stuck my silverware in it only to discover… wa wa wa…

    Hmmmmm, was it on clearance because other shoppers recognized it’s poor design and passed it up or had other schmoes actually paid full price for this thing?  Who designed a silverware caddy that doesn’t actually hold silverware?  Didn’t ANYONE actually try this thing before mass producing it and shipping it out to Targets across the country?

    Anyway, I stuck a few Christmasy disposable cups inside and used it that day, but I didn’t have any cups that would fit for events the rest of the year.  And then it occured to me… cans!  The openings are the perfect size to hold tin cans.  So I saved and  washed three cans and then it sat like that in my cupboard for several months.  (Fortunately I didn’t do any entertaining because that’s not a real cute look.)

    Finally I pulled out some leftover scrap paper and the hot glue gun and I prettied those cans up the other day.  Quick and easy!  I didn’t even do a perfect job, but you can’t tell since the seams are hidden by the caddy itself.

    And now when I stick my silverware in it stays put!  Hooray!