• This is the stuff no one warns you about

    Date: 2011.09.30 | Category: parenting | Tags: ,,

    This morning I went in to get Kate up from her crib and discovered that her diaper had exploded, leaving Kate and her crib covered in poop.  The kids were due for baths anyway, so I decided to go ahead and bathe them on the spot.  I stripped Kate and her bed, and then went in to get JT.  He too had pooped overnight, and as I was changing his diaper I let Kate run around nekked.  I finished JT’s diaper and told Kate to come join me in the bathroom.  When she followed I saw that she had pooped on the carpet in his room!  I whisked her back to her changing table, wiped her bottom and then cleaned up his carpet.  I finally got both kids in the bathtub and scrubbed them down.  After baths I wrapped Kate in her towel and set her on the bathroom floor- where she promptly peed all over.  As I brought her back into her room to finally get a diaper on that girl I caught the dog licking the poopy laundry in her hamper.  Seriously?  What a nasty nasty morning.

    my little stinkers in the bath this morning