• A quick redo

    Date: 2011.10.05 | Category: homemaking | Tags:

    I’ve started storing food that I’ve been stockpiling on top of the washing machine.  This was mostly fine except I’ve been meaning to show you all the AMAZING laundry/mud room redo that we finished last year and I really wanted to clean up the laundry room first.  And when I started to clean everything so I could take pictures the other day I didn’t want to have boxes of food in my after photos.

    I mean really, it looked like this!

    The wheels in my head started turning and all of a sudden I came up with the perfect solution!

    Our dining room hutch has a section where I’ve been cramming all of our tablecloths.

    They were hard to access, totally wrinkled, and I could barely close the door!

    So I hung the tablecloths and table runners in the coat closet and folded the napkins and place mats into two drawers in the hutch that were empty anyway.  I have a plan to make labels for each hanger with the size of the tablecloth and how many leaves it fits with.

    Then I took all of the teacups down from the top shelf of the cupboard  where I keep the dishes.  I had three sets up there!  The cups and saucers for our regular dishes, our china and our Christmas china were all up there- and I never use any of them!

    Sorry, I forgot to take a picture before I took them all out- but they filled the whole top shelf!

    I put the real china in protective cases and stacked the mugs for our every day dishes.

    Next I attacked the pantry- you can’t see it, but behind the food on the top shelf are two bins full of tea and hot cocoa and cider.  I also had tea that we use more often in the coffee cupboard- making it hard to know what we have and where to find it!

    All of the beverage choices were moved up to the top shelf of the cabinet where I keep the dishes- now they are all in the same spot and the most frequently used items are easy to reach.

    This freed up most of the top shelf of the pantry for all of the food that was being stored in the laundry room.

    Whew!  It was a fairly quick and simple shuffle that freed up a ton of space, makes more sense, makes everything easier to find, and gave me the opportunity to clean out some old items that have expired or we just won’t ever use!

    And now I can finally post the laundry room pictures!  Soon…