• Easy Jack-O-Lanterns

    Date: 2011.10.19 | Category: crafts | Tags: ,,

    Years ago (1999? 2000?) some girlfriends and I had a little crafting party and made these cute jack-o-lanterns out of cans.  As I was putting them on my mantle this year I thought I’d show them to you in case you’d like to make some of your own.  They are super easy to make.

    Scrounge up some cans of varying sizes from your recycle bin.

    Clean and dry each can and remove any sharp edges from the lid.

    Paint each can with pumpkin orange paint and let dry.  Paint a face on each can with black paint.

    Stick some autumn picks in the top of each one and place them on your mantle.  Or make a large set and use them for bowling, or make a pumpkin pyramid, or stuff them with treats for friends and neighbors, or use them to hold your utensils at a party, or…

    These have held up surprisingly well considering they’re over 10 years old and I haven’t given them any special care; they have acquired just a few scratches and chips- which I think adds character.  I smile every year when I pull them out of the box and it always makes me think of my CA girlies (hey friends!)!