• Menu Plan January 22-28

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    What are we having for dinner this week?

    Well, last week ended up getting all switched around because I haven’t been to the grocery store in weeks (I actually think it was January 1st!) and I had to make due with what we had on hand.  I’m planning to go to the store tonight, so hopefully this week’s plan will work out.  I did make homemade crock pot yogurt again on Friday, but I’m still not happy with the consistency.  The flavor is good, but it’s kind runny and gummy.  I froze some of it into freezer pops which the kids loved, but I didn’t like that consistency either.  So here is last week’s updated meal plan-

    Sunday- creamy pesto pasta with chicken

    Monday- pizza from Costco

    Tuesday- Mexican casserole (I spread it into tortillas for yummy burritos!)

    Wednesday- cheesy chicken corn chowder

    Thursday- leftovers

    Friday- impossible cheeseburger pie (with lots of alterations- I need to post my recipe!)

    Saturday- dinner with friends

    This week’s plan is looking like this-

    Sunday- baked chicken parm

    Monday- pesto and crab grilled cheese sandwiches

    Tuesday- tilapia piccata

    Wednesday- sausage and potato casserole

    Thursday- meatball subs

    Friday- tortellini and sausage with alfredo

    Saturday- pork stuffing bake

    So that’s what we’ve got going on.  We’ll see how it goes!