• Menu Plan April 1-7

    Date: 2012.04.02 | Category: meal plan | Tags:

    What are we having for dinner this week?

    Sunday- Beau Jo’s pizza and fro yo for dessert!

    Monday- pesto chicken and pasta (from the freezer)

    Tuesday- cheesy beef stroganoff

    Wednesday- enchiladas (from my friend Jen- thank you!)

    Thursday- crock pot chicken cordon bleu

    Friday- gnocchi soup

    Saturday- artichoke baked tilapia

    Our friend Dan ended up coming last week for a visit and to meet his namesake (we chose James’ middle name in honor of him!) so things got a little switched around, we ate out a few times, but we did have salmon, burgers and brats, and grilled pizza.  Not to mention snicker doodles, not one but two batches of Golden Graham S’mores, a dump cake, several bags of chips, a trip to the frozen custard shop, a trip to the frozen yogurt shop, and a trip to a candy store!  On Sunday we drove up to Evergreen  and had some super yummy pizza at Beau Jo’s and let the kids run and play in a park on the drive back down the mountain.  Yesterday the temps were in the low 80’s- today?  It’s in the 30’s, people and they’re calling for rain and snow.  Dude.

    This week is my first week with just me and the kids (between Chris and my parents I got a full 5 weeks of help!) so I’m finally digging into the freezer to use some of the meals I have stashed in there.  Unfortunately, not only is Chris back at school this week after a delightful Spring Break, but track season starts today, so now we have 4 evenings a week when he won’t be home until 6 or so.  UGH.  I mean, man, I sure am thankful to have a husband who works so hard to provide for our family!