• Homemade Pizza

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    Chris’ mom used to make homemade pizza for the family when he was growing up and it’s become a family favorite around our house too.  Sometimes we grill it and sometimes we bake it.  I like it both ways- doing individual pizzas on the grill is a bit more labor intensive, but tastes fabulous.  The other night we were having 50 MPH winds so we baked it.  As we were preparing the dough my first inspiration struck- what if we coated the crust with our favorite cheesy garlic?  Um, yum!  We decided to double the recipe so we’d have lots of leftovers (I love cold pizza too!), but we were running low on toppings after we made the first three.  And that’s when the moment of pure genius occurred.  Dessert pizza.  Cause that’s how we roll.


    dough (makes two pizzas)
    2 packets of dry yeast
    2 cups very warm water
    2 tsp sugar
    1 tsp salt
    4 TBS olive oil
    5 cups (a little more or less as needed) flour

    olive oil and garlic cheese sprinkle (or other seasonings- dry ranch mix would be awesome)

    Dissolve yeast in very warm water, add sugar and oil.  Place into Kitchen Aid with 2 cups of flour and salt.  Mix with dough hook, adding remaining flour slowly.  Let dough rest 5 minutes.

    toppings– (pick and choose your favorites!  These are some of ours-)
    pizza sauce or Alfredo sauce
    sliced olives
    sliced mushrooms
    shredded cooked chicken
    Italian Blend or Mozzarella cheese

    Preheat oven to 425º.  Divide dough in half- shape and stretch dough to fit two pans (we use a baking sheet with a Silpat).  Lightly coat dough with oil and then sprinkle with cheesy garlic- flip dough and coat second side.  Top with sauce and toppings.  Bake for 15-20 minutes, rotating cookie sheets half way through.


    Grill it!  This tutorial changed the way I make my pizza.  It is SO GOOD!  Plus I love having personal pizzas for everyone with their favorite toppings.

    Preheat your grill to medium/hot.  Gather all of your toppings right near the grill.  You need to be prepared to work fast and having a helper is ideal.  Divide your dough into 4 or 5 individual pizzas.  Use your hands to shape the first two or three crusts and liberally coat each one with olive oil.  (Now, we have had a lot of trouble with our dough sinking into the grill, making it impossible to flip- we started using a piece of foil under the first side and are much happier with the results.  I don’t know if our technique is bad or what, but this way just works better for us.  Do as you will.)  Place each crust on the grill and close the lid.  When it’s puffy and ready to flip generously coat the top with olive oil.  Flip your crusts (we remove the foil at this point) and quickly load it up with your favorite toppings without burning your fingers!  Close your lid again and remove from the grill as soon as your cheese starts to melt and the bottom is firm (the second side goes much quicker than the first- don’t let it burn!).  The Our Best Bites tutorial is much better than mine- I recommend reading it before trying this method at home!

    Dessert Pizza

    dough for one pizza
    melted butter
    peanut butter
    melted chocolate

    Take one pizza worth of dough and shape it for your crust.  Coat your dough with melted butter and then a generous amount of cinnamon and sugar on the top and bottom.  Bake at 425º for 15-20 minutes.  Immediately spread with peanut butter and drizzle with chocolate.  Die and go to heaven.  You’re welcome.