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    Date: 2011.02.24 | Category: faith, teeth | Response: 2

    I love my job.  I’ve always joked that as a dental hygienist I’m a cross between a nurse and a hairdresser.  I love working in health care- helping people have better health and teaching preventative care.  I love helping people look and feel better about themselves, and I love building relationships with my patients and getting to know them and their family.  It can be tricky though; holding a two way conversation with someone who has a pair of hands in their mouth has it’s challenges.  At the end of an hour there are some people whom I feel I have spent quality time with, there are others with whom I haven’t even gotten past the pleasantries. Sometimes it’s me- I’m tired, have a lot on my mind, I’m running behind schedule.  Sometimes it’s them- they’re not feeling chatty, they have a lot on their mind, they hate being at the dentist.  In any case, I try to pray throughout the day that God would use me to be a light to my patients.  Sometimes I find opportunities to share the gospel or invite a patient to church, but more often I try to share by example and by being positive and encouraging to them.

    The other day I had a patient in my chair whom I’ve seen 5 or 6 times during the past few years.  He’s a 50 something man with three children- one of them is adopted and two have special needs.  He always strikes me as someone who is making the best of a difficult life.  He’s polite and friendly, but always seems tired and somewhat beaten down.  I decided to ask him a little bit about his adoption experience and told him about how I long to start pursuing adoption for our family.  We then segued into a conversation about marriage and the challenges of finding time to date our spouses and putting marriage first.  I shared how Chris and I decided to do some marriage counseling as a gift to ourselves this year.  How we plan on being married to each other for a really long time and want it to be the best it can be.  I encouraged him to invest in his wife and to find ways to reconnect with her.  And then he said “What about sex?”

    Cue the long awkward pause.

    Ummmmm, what?  Yes it’s true I’ve been speaking about personal topics with you for the past 30 minutes, but I wasn’t really planning on going THERE!

    I must have given him a funny look.  And the increasingly long pause in the conversation was probably a clue.

    “I mean the gender.  Of a child.  If you adopt!”  He clarified.

    Ahhhh.  Now that’s something I’m happy to talk about with you!


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    Date: 2010.11.11 | Category: teeth | Response: 1

    When I’m not home changing diapers and surfing the net for bargains, I work as a dental hygienist.  I am so fortunate that I have a job I have been able to continue working at part time since I’ve had my children.  Not to mention I love what I do!  It’s a blessing to have a break from my mommy life and to do something that helps people to be healthier and look better.

    I’ve been talking with some of my mom friends lately and have been shocked to discover that most of them (you!) still haven’t heard about xylitol.  I thought it was time to get the word out there- it can protect your teeth- and your kid’s teeth too!  Xylitol is a natural sweetener- typically extracted from Birch trees.  Research has proven that regular exposure to xylitol can reduce the risk of decay by up to 80%!  That’s significantly better than the results we see with fluoride.  We dental types have a catch phrase that we like to use, “Strive for Five”.  If you can get 5 exposures of xylitol a day you may never have a cavity again!  And there’s even better news.  If you use xylitol during the first two years of your child’s life they will be 70% less likely to develop cavities- and that’s with them never using the xylitol themselves!

    How does it work?  When you eat, the bacteria in your mouth also eat the sugars in the food you are consuming.  This spurs them into a 30 minute frenzy of activity, reproducing and producing the acids that erode your teeth.  If you introduce xylitol to your mouth after eating it interferes with that active phase because the bacteria can’t metabolize the xylitol.  Not only does the xylitol short circuit the immediate activity of the bacteria, it actually interferes with their metabolism to the point of preventing them from multiplying.  When you do this 5 times a day over an extended period of time it gradually changes the flora of your mouth.  Over time you will have less and less of the “bad” bacteria and more and more of the “good” bacteria.

    So how do you get 5 exposures to xylitol a day?  It’s actually not that hard.  You can replace your regular toothpaste with xylitol toothpaste for 2 exposures a day.  You can start chewing xylitol gum or candies after each meal.  You can rinse with a xylitol mouth rinse.  You can buy xylitol in bulk to sweeten your coffee or tea!

    What products contain xylitol?  If you google “xylitol products” you will find dozens to choose from.  I’ll list a few of my favorites and then give you some links that I’ve found to be helpful.  The important thing to keep in mind is that some products advertise that they contain xylitol, but they don’t include enough to be helpful.  You will need to become a label reader- if xylitol is listed as the first ingredient (or at least the first sweetener) then you’ve probably found a winner.  If sorbitol or mannitol is listed before xylitol you won’t get enough benefit to make it helpful.

    Over the Counter

    Toothpastes- Tom’s of Maine, Burts Bees, Rembrandt Sensitivity Whitening
    Mouth Rinse- Biotene
    Chewing Gum- Spry, Ice Breakers Ice Cubes, Altoids Sugar Free Cinnamon, Starbucks Sugar Free Peppermint

    Through Online Sources

    Toothpastes- Squigle (my favorite), Epic Dental, MI Paste
    Mouth Rinse- Epic Dental, Xlear
    Chewing Gum- Spry, Epic Dental
    Candies- Epic Dental

    Notice how many times I mentioned Epic Dental?   They are an amazing company and they produce an entire line of xylitol products.   One of the things I love about them (aside from their wide range of products and flavors) is that they offer a cavity free guarantee!  If you sign up for their program they will reimburse you for your last six months of product if you get a new cavity!  Not bad, huh?

    So here are some links to some of my favorite sites…

    Please let me know if you have more questions!  I haven’t even mentioned how xylitol can reduce strep throat and ear infections and more…


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