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  • Merry Christmas!

    Date: 2014.12.25 | Category: Christmas | Response: 0

    I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.  We are enjoying a cozy and quiet Christmas at home this year- no travelling for us!  It’s a good thing, because as of right now all three kids and the hubs are sick… boo!

    Our church coffee shop hosted a series of movie nights and the one we went to featured an appearance by Santa.  We got a pretty decent photo of the young cousins with Santa this year!  (Clearly I keep my definition of decent pretty low.)

    In any case, it was much better than the picture I got of Kate and James a few days later…

    That is one sketchy looking Santa!

    For my ornament this year, I decided to go with this darling reindeer that I saw on Pinterest.  I made mine before she posted her tutorial, and I found these teeny little heart buttons for the noses, but I thought her idea was super cute, and they were pretty easy and affordable to make!  Yay!

    The hardest part was finding matching pairs of branches on our trees- our crabapple had the branchiest branches and I mostly used those-

    I’m very happy with how these came out… yay!

    We also got a little punny with our Christmas card this year… I love how our garden gnome Halloween costumes came out (even if James wouldn’t wear most of his!) and wanted to use them in our card, here’s what I came up with…

    I hope that you have a beautiful Christmas!

  • Christmas Jewelry

    Date: 2011.12.21 | Category: Christmas, crafts | Response: 1

    I went on a jewelry making bender this Christmas.  Several months ago I got hooked on glass lampwork beads when I went in to use a groupon at a local bead store.  I ended up making myself a Christmas cluster necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings.  I had enough beads left over to make several extra pair of earrings.  So fun!

    See the little snowmen and the Santa hat and the other fun details?

    This is the set I made for myself.  Then I started making extra earrings!

    How cute are those little striped “scarves” I made with the peppermint stick beads?

    Oh, I love these little hats!

    I also bought myself this cute little pendant which I just strung on a chain I already had.  So cute, and I can wear it with either side out, depending on my outfit!

    So that was my jewelry making this season.  I love all of them!

  • Super Hero Capes!

    Date: 2011.12.12 | Category: crafts | Response: 0

    I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided it would be a perfect gift for the kids this Christmas- especially since I had all those huge tee shirts from my brother.

    I made 4 capes- one for each of my younger nephews and for my kids.  Cutting them out took only a couple of minutes (literally less than 5 minutes), so I decided to embellish them with an emblem and each kid’s initial from the scraps.  And of course that is when my sewing machine decided not to work.  Oh yes, my brand new, 3 month old, I’ve hardly used it but I love it, new sewing machine.  So after a frustrating few hours I decided to iron on the embellishments.  (I plan to go back and sew everything in place as soon as my machine is repaired- under warranty, thankfully!)

    Ready for the big reveal?  I think they turned out so fun!

    Here’s an up close look at the detail- I just freehanded everything, so they’re not perfect.

    We celebrated an early Christmas yesterday with my brother’s family, so here are a few pictures of the kids with their capes.  They were a hit!

    Of course it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of all four kids in their capes.  Maybe someday… when they are all grown?

    Happy crafting!

  • Getting Crafty

    Date: 2011.02.10 | Category: crafts | Response: 3

    Growing up we ALWAYS made homemade Valentines.  It was a fun and thoughtful tradition in our house.

    Well, I haven’t made any homemade Valentines this year, but while out and about in blogland the other day I came across this awesome wreath which lead me to THIS even more awesome wreath and I had an idea for one of my own.  A $4 trip to JoAnn’s, two evenings of cutting out spirals and one evening with the hot glue gun later, I made this!

    You know I am IN LOVE with the current trend right now for flowers and frills and ruffles, so this project made me so happy!  I really like how it turned out and still have plenty of supplies left to make two smaller versions.

    Today I stumbled across a tutorial for a glass bead mosaic and knew I had all of the supplies I needed to make this for free!

    My favorite thing about this glass bead heart is that these are beads Chris used for a bowl of floating candles when he proposed to me on February 13, 2004.  Kind of sweet to use them in a Valentines decoration!

    Since I’m showing off my crafty self today I’ll give you one more.  I made these ponytail holders back at Christmas.

    I attached some to bags of cookies for a cookie exchange and the rest went into stockings.  They only cost $2 for 10 hairbands and I turned them all out in less than an hour!  I found the bunch of flowers and package of ponytail holders at the dollar store.  I pulled all of the petals off of the stems, then using a needle and thread I came up through several layers of petals and a flower base (this helped them keep their flower shape).  I attached a bead on top to add a little bling and keep it all together, came back down with the thread and wrapped it around the ponytail holder several times.  At first I thought that the thread would be enough to keep it all together, but as soon as I tried to use mine I realized it needed hot glue to keep the petals fanned out and to keep everything tight together.  It’s so much easier to use now and looks great!

    All of these are easy projects that anyone could make- so what are you waiting for?  Bust out your hot glue gun!


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